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About Us

Dreams come true

Why we chose this lifestyle? This is not just a job for us here at Vibrant Living, this is our hearts passion in motion and our dreams coming to life! As a husband and wife team we consciously decided to continue to live in Hanmer Springs and co-create 'Vibrant Living' by taking over in 2023 from the previous owners.

Our intention is to lead by example in creating our new paradigm heart-centred thriving business based on the values of resonate collaborations, authentic connections, self responsibility, win-win for all and joyful co-creation.  

We love sharing the benefits of relaxing in a harmonious, beautiful and uplifting life affirmative environment. We achieve this through our commitment and focus on being our best authentic version of self while providing quality services, accommodation choices and a nourishing delicious food menu made with care and love. If something is not good enough for us then it is not good enough for our guests. 

We warmly welcome visitors to relax and enjoy our enchanting, well-being and peaceful location. 

A place where magic happens.

Kia Ora and Ahoj, my name is Adela

I have been all about a healthy lifestyle, sport and regeneration my whole life. My number one sport has always been track and field, in which I competed professionally and later became an athletic coach and personal trainer in my home country, the Czech Republic. I was leading both individual and group lessons and also creating training programs and bootcamps for all sorts of sport clubs.

Once I finished high school I had a clear vision about my future – to help others in achieving their goals, overcoming life obstacles and health issues and inspiring them about looking after their body, mind and soul. I have decided to study physiotherapy in which I obtained a Master's degree with honours. After studies I worked for a couple of years in different clinics and at the same time set up my own business as a massage therapist. I also had my own very successful athletic club for small children where I was introducing them athletics in a fun and enjoyable way.

Later I decided to escape the European busy lifestyle and travelled to Aotearoa with my husband Jan and we fell in love with her immediately. I have been living, working and traveling here for the past few years and this beautiful country and the people here showed me so much love and inspiration.

I had worked in some of New Zealand’s best known luxury spas, holistic retreats and professional sport clinics and diving deeper into a holistic care, healing and spirituality, before setting up my own business in Taranaki and Whakatane area.

After delivering our own 1+1 bundle of love in May 2023, our twins Alice and Oliver, we really wanted to break that 9-5 work lifestyle and living in a busy city, and instead choose a family friendly place, sharing our passion with others and spending more time together as a family.

So, Vibrant Living it is!

Hi friend, my name is Jan,


the owner and manager of Vibrant Living Retreat and Day Spa

You will mostly see me as our main chef preparing yummy breakfasts to our customers and looking after the Vibrant property. I absolutely love our customers and especially listening to their stories from their travels.

I have a big passion for sports, I spent over 15 years competing in athletics and also couching young athletes in a local sport club, where I actually met with Adela, my wife.

I obtained a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Management, but soon found out that numbers aren't really my thing and explored many different jobs before traveling to New Zealand, where I gained experience as a baker, barista, lifeguard and later manager of the aquatic centre.

After our baby twins, Alice and Oliver, were born, I knew that we needed more freedom, more time with family and less stressful environment, so peaceful Vibrant Living Retreat and Day Spa in Hanmer Springs seemed like a perfect option and natural evolution of our journey.

I love baking, especially naturally fermented sourdough breads. Please, don't ask me about recipes and how to make breads, I have no self control and will talk about baking for hours non stop and keep sending you instructional videos.

I also enjoy spiritual events, cacao ceremonies, yoga, Wim Hof breathing and cold therapy and looove sleep (which I unfortunately lately don't get much, blame Alice and Oliver!)

Looking forward to seeing you in Hanmer Springs

Meet The Team

Our Ways

We are a big YES to being ECO, SUSTAINABLE & ORGANIC ! Here is a few ways how we do this at VLR. 

We are a chemical free accommodation provider.

We use Eco products, and do our best to source sustainably and buy organic produce. 

We compost, recycle and use our own organic hen eggs for serving with our breakfasts. 

We promote a diet of healthy organic and wholesome foods mostly plant based. 

We encourage in caring about your own body temple and caring about where the food comes from to arrive on your plate. ​ " Your health is your wealth " and the greater harmony of the planet !​

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