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Wellness Retreats
in Hanmer Springs

We offer relaxing, replenishing, pampering, transformational and educational Wellness Retreats that support and inspire Body, Mind and Soul at Vibrant Living Retreat & Day Spa in Hanmer Springs Village. 

Unwind & Thrive: Personalized Retreats

Discover your perfect wellness escape at Vibrant Living. We offer custom retreats tailored to your goals, from relaxation to transformation. Reconnect with yourself, learn new practices, and leave feeling empowered. Contact us to design your retreat!

Vibrant Living Retreat
24hr Wellness Package

Thank you for your interest in booking one of our Vibrant Living well-being retreat experiences

in the beautiful alpine village of Hanmer Springs, NZ.
You are invited to book 2 - 13 Night retreat stay with us. You can choose to book one of our scheduled group retreats

as advertised on our Retreat Calendar or you can book a Private personalised well-being retreat package

on alternative dates available and agreed upon.
Please note we are very adaptable in our approach and are happy to adapt our package and well-being services to your preferences. Just let us know what you would like to focus on over your stay!

What is  included within our 24hr Wellness Package ?

- Your chosen luxury comfortable retreat accommodation

- Daily Morning Movement Sessions

- Daily two of the following options: Mindfulness/Meditation/Breathwork/Sound healing/Cacao Ceremony/Day Spa Massage

- Daily Organic Delicious Nutritious meals & raw food desserts. 

- Daily Wellness Coaching & Wellness Tool-Kit integrated into the daily retreat sessions

- Access to outdoor Hot Tub

- Complimentary writing journal

- Access to Inspirational Library & DVD's

- 2 acres of beautiful gardens and expansive mountain views

- Free use of Mountain Bikes and Fat Bikes to explore forests and village

- Relaxation & Rejuvenation on all levels!

*discounted add-ons available: pampering Day Spa treatments, extra personalised Sessions (yoga, healing, sacred circles, cacao..)

Prices to join a Group Retreat as scheduled in 2024

Prices are for per nights stay or 24hr booking an all inclusive Vibrant Living Wellness Retreat Packages.

To get your full retreat amount please multiply the prices below by how many nights you wish to book your retreat and wellness package with us.

Three Bedroom Villa - Book 1 private queen room with shared bathroom $395 ( Sharing bathroom with 1 - 4 others ).

Three Bedroom Villa - Book a shared twin room and shared bathroom. 2 people must book this together as friends or family members on a retreat. $300 pp  * Please note this is NOT bookable as a single person rate.

Camping - Low-cost option of staying in your own campervan, using shared bathroom facilities and joining us for our daily program. $225

Lodge Ensuite Room with infrared sauna - $495 per 24hr daily wellness package 1 person / 2 people sharing $395pp.

To join our group retreats see the RETREAT CALENDAR.

Prices to join a Private Retreat on dates to suit you


Prices are for per nights stay or 24hr booking an all inclusive Vibrant Living Wellness Retreat Packages.

To get your full retreat amount please multiply the prices below by how many nights you wish to book your retreat and wellness package with us.

Lodge Ensuite Room $555 per daily wellness package 1 person / 2 people sharing $444 per person

Three Bedroom Villa $555 per daily wellness package for 1 person / 2 - 3 pp $444 / 4 - 6 people sharing $333 pp ​

Camping - Low-cost option of staying in your own campervan, using shared bathroom facilities and enjoying your daily program. $225pp


Please enquire with your dates of preference. We are happy to assist and adapt our retreat program to suit your needs and preferences. It really is your private retreat and we are here to support and adapt as required so that you can relax and enjoy the best experience and gain all the benefits you intend to get from it.

For more details or to book text/call Adela on 02041760151 or email us bellow:


Example of our daily retreat schedule

7.45 AM: UPON RISING - Ginger Lemon Detox Drink

8AM: Therapeutic YOGA & MEDITATION SESSION adapted to your bodies needs



1PM: Organize your own lunch or ENJOY LUNCH IN ONE OF THE LOCAL CAFES

FREE TIME to read, visit hot pools, walk in the garden, rest and restore

5.30 - 6.30PM Restorative Yoga & Guided Meditations/Cacao Ceremony/Other session/Spa treatment

6.45PM: DINNER delicious home cooked organic whole food meal and dessert

7.30PM - Optional to watch an Inspirational DVDs  at your accommodation or together as a small group on the projector.

9PM – 10PM: FREE TIME to journal, read and relax


Vibrant Living Cancellation policy

Please note that 20% deposit is required to confirm your retreat booking accommodation and to hold your space on the retreat dates you have chosen. If for any reason you need to cancel before 7 days of your retreat start date, we require an admin fee of $150.  If you cancel within 7 days of your retreat commencement date no refund of deposit is offered, however the deposit may be transferred to another retreat date available and agreed upon, just a one-time change of retreat arrival date permitted. The remaining 80% to be paid on arrival and start date of your retreat. This is non-refundable once retreat has commenced.


Perfect for those with experience in Detox, Fasting, Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness. Plus you pay the minimal cost without the extras of the fully inclusive package. For more details please contact us for enquiry.

Booking a Detoxing and Juice Fasting retreat in addition receives:

Replace the meals above with 3 x daily fresh organic juices

& vegetable broths  or / & water fasting days / Enema Kits ( optional ) / Body Brushes  / Oil Pulling / Cold water therapy / Experienced and compassionate guidance, encouragement and support along the way.


About your Retreat Facilitator

Kia Ora and Ahoj, my name is Adela

From Passionate Athlete to Vibrant Living Guide: Adela's Journey

The Czech Republic holds the memories of my childhood passion - track and field. I competed professionally, the thrill of pushing my body to its limits forever etched in my soul. This passion for movement and well-being naturally led me to become an athletic coach and personal trainer. Witnessing others achieve their fitness goals ignited a deep sense of fulfillment in me.

Fuelled by a desire to understand the body in a more holistic way, I pursued a Master's degree in physiotherapy. Working in various clinics allowed me to apply my knowledge in practical settings, treating patients and witnessing the power of rehabilitation. However, I yearned for a deeper exploration of healing and self-care.

This quest led me to discover the transformative power of Cacao ceremonies, yoga, and mindfulness. These practices resonated deeply, offering a path to inner peace and a connection to something bigger than myself. Becoming a trained Cacao facilitator a few years ago solidified my desire to share these transformative experiences with others.

My journey eventually brought me to stunning New Zealand. Enchanted by the country's beauty and its people's warmth, I embraced the opportunity to work in some of New Zealand's most prestigious luxury spas and holistic retreats. These experiences deepened my understanding of holistic wellness and the importance of creating a space for complete rejuvenation.

Family and a New Chapter:

May 2023 marked a turning point. With the arrival of our precious twins, Alice and Oliver, a new chapter unfolded. We craved a work-life balance that allowed us to nurture our family while sharing our passions with the world. Vibrant Living resonated with this desire perfectly. It offered a family-friendly environment, 

a place where we could promote well-being for ourselves and others, all while spending precious time together.

My gentle approach and dedication to holistic wellness are core values I bring to Vibrant Living. 

I'm excited to connect with you and help you embark on your own journey to a vibrant and fulfilling life.

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