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Quantum Healing Retreat

Welcome to a transformative journey of healing guided by the wisdom of quantum consciousness.

In this 24hr individual retreat, we venture into the depths of awareness to dissolve limiting beliefs, transcend emotions and awaken the innate power within you.

Healing Stones

On this inclusive journey you will receive following:

- luxury accommodation stay in Lodge Suite with your own sauna

- our delicious two course organic breakfast and dinner

- Quantum Healing Session with our specialist

- relaxing outdoor aroma Hot Tub or indoor candlelit Bathtub

- 60 min pampering Day Spa treatment of your choice

- complimentary writing journal

- relaxing and supportive environment

- 2 acres of beautiful gardens and expansive mountain views

All this for an investment of $777.

Optional add-ons available. Extend your stay, add morning yoga, guided meditations, cacao ceremonies and more. Enquire in email!


About your QH Session

Meet Kareena,

a Space-holder and Truth-Bringer, embraces the sacred art of guiding souls within her heart-led sacred practises.

She is a Yoga teacher, Quantum practitioner, Shaking Medicine facilitator & Trainer, DJ, performing artist and a vessel of divine service, weaving soul-stirring soulcapades (workshops, retreats and events) harmoniously with her mission for collective evolution and ascension.

A sacred weaver of dreams she is a beacon of light, illuminating the path of ascension through embodied movement and unity rooted in love.

What can you expect during a Quantum Healing Session with Kareena?

Within the quantum toolkit, you’ll discover sacred modalities tailored to support your healing journey:

• Chakra System Alignment: Restore vitality by harmonizing your energy centres.
• Meridian Flushing: Clear stagnant energy pathways to allow life force energy to flow freely.
• Left-Right Body Balance: Attain equilibrium & your nervous system coherence ,promoting wholeness.
• Timeline Therapy: Rewrite your story, releasing past traumas to align with your highest potential.
• Visualization Activations: Amplify your current reality as you take this pathway of evolution and ascension.

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